We have been working on this project for over a year. Each month we gathered on a Sunday afternoon to paint and socialise. Once approved by Lanark County, it will hopefully be mounted on the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail in Almonte.  What a great way to give back something to our community! Funding for materials for our community projects is provide through a portion of sales at AITA.

This project consists of 18 panels, each panel measuring 32 x 24 inches.  When finally mounted, the art project will be approx 40 ft long.

The upper portion consists of 12 painted patterns and shows a basketball traveling across the sky from early dusk to midnight, passing eras of air transport  and though various types of weather.

The bottom portion consists of 6 panels of various medium (pyrography, photography and painting) and depicts eras of train transport traveling through the seasons.

Top Panels 1 & 2

Top Panels 3 & 4

Top Panels 5 & 6

Top Panels 7 & 8

Top Panels 9 &10

Top Panels 11 & 12

Bottom Panels A & B

Bottom Panels C & D

Top Panels E & F