Scott Rubie is a self-taught landscape painter dedicated to showing nature
through his intimate insights of the world around him. Initially educated as a
biologist, he has always had a special connection with nature. While remaining
true to the landscape, his portrayals exhibit the special relationships with light
and shadow, shape and colour. Scott always shows a dedication to the scene,
documenting the moment as he sees it in subtle detail, line and shape and at the
same time playfully embellished colour. Water holds a natural fascination for him
and features often in his works as he endeavours to include motion and the play
of colour through transmitted and reflected light. Living near Renfrew, Ontario,
Scott enjoys documenting the scenery about the Ottawa Valley and wherever his
travels take him. His work is presently displayed at the Wilno Gallery and at
various shows and online. He is active in several arts organizations in Eastern
Ontario displaying his works in the numerous shows and exhibits including the
annual Algonquin Mystery of the Park Exhibition.

Close To Home Many of Scott’s paintings of local landscapes, including Almonte and surrounding area.