As far back as elementary school, Roz’s Grandmother was instrumental in nurturing her interest in art. A sculptor herself, she taught Roz to appreciate art and architecture and took her to many local galleries in Montreal, introducing her to the curators.

Roz has always loved to paint and draw.  As a teenager she took any adult art class that would let her in. Three years ago she fell in love with watercolours.  Roz feels that the beautiful, transparent layering of colours and the way you can play with water to create different effects is a challenge (learning when to control it, and when to let it take over) and at the same time so much fun yet also extremely relaxing and meditative.  Roz especially enjoys painting animals, trying to capture their personality. Recently, Roz has also been working in oil and acrylic.

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Oil on canvas, 4’x4’, unframed, $600

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