Rachelle is a painter, clown and comedian originally from Ottawa.  Her paintings are vibrant expressions of her inner landscapes, many of which are self portraits of one sot or another. She uses bright colours and dramatic symbolism to express her vision and share her inner journey.

While approaching a blank canvas, Rachelle allows the materials, colours and impulse to guide the painting.  She observes the creative process without judgement and lets the message transpire.  This creates a synergy of colour, shape and design, allowing the medium to speak memories, stories and truths through the canvas.   This style has evolved over the years as Rachelle has painted, traveled and been exposed to different techniques and ideas.

As a young girl, Rachelle visited Haiti and her exposure to Haitian art and culture has had a deep impact on her work.  Time spent in Fiji, Australia, and recently in Kenya have significantly influenced her work.

Contact Rachelle at crowningmonkey@yahoo.ca