” I am what I have experienced and appreciate in life and believe it reflects in my photography.”

From as long as I can remember, my parents instilled in me and my siblings the love of sports and an appreciation of the wonders of nature, wildlife, and the beauty all around us. This increased throughout my adult life along with a deep faith, caring skills, and a delightfully mischievous sense of humour. All of this contributed to a very successful career in nursing, married life , and raising a lovely family.

When I retired and later was widowed, I channeled these characteristics, my artistic interests, and my energies toward photography; particularly contemplative, mentored by the Center For Creative Living.

I am motivated by the joy of capturing a wonderful moment with my camera and sharing it with others: the glee in children’s faces; the wisdom and experience shown  in an elder’s image; the affection between a boy and his dog; the colours of an autumn scene; the surreal moment.