Maria Antonietta Di Rosa is a Canadian mixed media artist whose primary objective is to evoke happiness in the eye of the beholder. Her work is influenced by her birthplace of Italy, as well as her beloved adopted country of Canada. She is inspired by the diverse landscapes, peoples, and climates all around her. In particular, the colours of nature are what guides her brushstrokes. These influences are seen in her encaustic and mixed media paintings, as well as her stone carvings. As a professional artist, Maria Antonietta’s work has been exhibited both locally and internationally. Her art has been on display in shows and galleries, as well a museum and a movie. Living in Ottawa for most of her life, service to communities is also one of her priorities. Maria Antonietta advocates for ensuring that the arts are retained in the education systems. As well, in order to bring the arts to communities, she has volunteered her knowledge on several projects, now permanently on display in those communities. For a list of past shows and confirmed future shows visit her website.

Artwork For Sale – Prizes are only for AITA 30th Anniversary 2020 show – To purchase, contact Maria

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Maria is donating 100% of her artist royalties to the food banks Canada.
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