My journey with art began in the year 2000. I lost my ability to work because of an illness called Fibromyalgia. I found myself with no energy, a lot of pain, but also a lot of time that needed to be filled with something meaningful. I had always wanted to try painting, but had never had the time to try. The previous years had been spent working and raising three children on my own, So although I was sick, it was a good time to find out if I could actually paint. And so I began. I soon discovered that what I liked and was drawn to, was not what I would be painting. I like countryside, cows, seascapes, in soft muted colours, and misty atmospheric blendings. What happened next was surprisingly opposite to that. It all started with an elephant, not a cow.  My paintings have a definite East Indian flare, with bright, bold, intense colour, and metallic golds and silvers.I like to use designs, patterns and lines and borders. Then came the dots, I am not sure why the dots, they just make sense to me, and I like them. It turns out that I am painting something that is part of my DNA. I was born in England and I have British and Irish grandparents on both sides of my family, But I also have East Indian threaded in the mix. As a young child I was never made to feel good about that because of predjudism. But because of my art I found a way to find healing from that and see something beautiful in that part of my heritage.