Viewers of Kat’s work instinctively exclaim, “It’s so pretty!”. Her necklaces, brooches, pins, and earrings range from casual/funky, to statement pieces, to special-occasion jewelry for weddings and other celebrations. All her pieces have one thing in common – they feature minerals and gemstones. Kat has a life-long fascination with “pretty rocks”, and her pretty, wearable and unique designs are inspired by their colour, shape and sheen.

Kat’s designs evoke people, places, seasons, music and memories for her. And for her clients too: Kat loves to remake family jewelery into pieces that can be worn every day. She can give a fresh new look to that memory-precious string of our mother’s pearls or crystals many of us have stashed away in our jewelry box. Kat welcomes private commissions, which give her the great satisfaction of designing custom pieces tailored to the personality of her client, a special occasion, or as a perfect match for a favourite outfit.

A cottage near Bancroft, with its famous annual gem show, plus a recently-acquired cache of rare stones from a retiring gemologist, are contributing to her ever-increasing stash of supplies for future projects.