My interest in arts and crafts started when I was still living at home.  My Dad was a carpenter and seemed he could build anything.  My Mom loved to sew and bake and this inspired me to be creative.  I didn’t do much of anything for awhile until I became married to a firefighter who worked shift work and I then I needed to find a hobby.  With many nights on my hands, I started doing a variety of crafts to fill in the time.  I then progressed to working with a scroll saw where I cut Christmas ornaments out of wood; sanding and then hand painting them.  I enjoyed painting these small items a great deal but was somewhat hesitant to try painting an actual picture.  It was my sister who inspired me to try painting on canvas.  I bought some books and with some guidance  from both my sister and one of my favourite instructional artists, Jerry Yarnell, bought the paints he suggested to start painting and tried my hand at it.  I’m still painting after eight years, still learning and trying new techniques and still loving every minute!

This year Karen has been painting one of her passions – cats!