AVENIR Fashion Show On Opening Night 6 May

We met with Donna Cook from AVENIR Design Studio, to do some planning for the fashion show on opening night, Friday evening 6 May.

It will be something a bit different with respect to a fashion show.  Besides the models wearing our beautiful Canadian garments, they will also be carrying small pieces of art wearing designer jewelry by Kathryn.  AND to top it all off, the models will be “Women in Almonte Business”. How empowering !   More to follow  !!!!

The First Mural Painting Session

Here it is …..the results of our first mural painting session.  Of course there were several things to accomplish before we started painting – we had to sand and prime the boards and it took us two week to get the patterns sketched on the boards.  But we are away to the races now ……could be a bit of a distance as there are five panels to paint…..