One weekend, after a particularly hectic week, I made myself a cup of tea and snuck up to the attic to find some peace and quiet and to poke around.  Then, in a delightful moment, I came across a wonderful treasure that softly called out to me.  What a great feeling….

So come to our “attic” in the peace and quiet of our lovely historic hall in our small town and find a delightful treasure to take home. These are the artists who have created the “treasures in the attic” :

Almonte and Area Artists’ Association   Art In The Attic is the main show for the Almonte and Area Artists’ Association. Members participating in this year’s show are:

Barbora Balaban – Potter

Brenda Beattie – Watercolour, Acrylic, Pen and Ink Artist

Karen Burton – Acrylic Artist

Jennifer Clarke – Mixed Media Artist

Betty Pogue Connelly – Painter

Laurel Cook – Dog Portraiture In Acrylics

Laura Costello – Oils

Nancy Deschenes – Photographer

Maria Di Rosa – Mixed Media and Encaustic Artist

Lorraine English – Acrylic Artist

Ellie Evans – Acrylic Artist

Jessica Hibberd – Potter

Richard Hutton – Watercolour, Oil and Acrylic Artist

Nancy Junkins – Oil Painter

Chris Kiez – Photographer

Laurette  M Lafleur -Photographer

Louise Lafleur – Photographer and Acrylic Artists

Gayle Marshall – Watercolour Portraiture

Corry McClure – Acrylic Artist

Jim McGrath – Pastel Artist

Judie McSkimmings – Fused Glass Artist

Madeline Marguerite Marie Renaud – Photographer, Painter, Drawer

Anne Roxburgh – Watercolour Landscape Artist

Nadine Sculland – Miniature Quilts and More

Kathryn Stevens – Wire Crochet Jewelry

Katherine Whiteley – Photographer and Fibre Artist

Special Guest Artists – Antonn Baas and Muriel Yost

Notre Dame High School Art Students

Rugrat RembrandtsThe Ontario Early Years Centre Lanark and Art in the Attic are proud to partner together for this event. This is an exhibit  of art works of pre-schoolers and is integral to AITA’s vision to encourage and showcase artists of all ages and experiences.  Read more about Rugrat Rembrandts.