The 18 panel installation was produced by 13 members of the Almonte and Area Artists’ Association in celebration of their 25th anniversary of their Art In The Attic Show and Sale in May of 2015.  Each artist depicted a portion of Mill Street, using their preferred media, as it would have appeared in 1991, the year of the first Art In The Attic Show. It took almost three months to produce and is nearly 26 feet in length. Participating artists – Pat Willard, Gayle Marshall, Antoon Baas, Jeff Banks, Katherine Whiteley, Ellie Evans, Anne Roxburgh, Nadine Sculland, David Whiteley, Ilona Monahan, Laurel Cook, Jim McGrath, and Jessica Hibberd.

The streetscape was donated to the Almonte General Hospital and is mounted in “The Link” corridor between the hospital and Fairview Manor. From left to right, you are walking up the north side and then down the south side of Mill St . Numbers refer to the street addresses. The balloons in Panels 5 &10 commemorate Nellie Thurston who became the first woman to ride in a balloon in Canada from Almonte to Merrickville on Friday, August 29, 1879.

Viewing the streetscape as you head to the Almonte General Hospital

Viewing the streetscape as you head to the Fairview Manor.

From Left to Right:

Jessica Hibberd, 7 Mill St. Pinecraft Ltd. Previously was part of the Rosamond Mill (Woodstock or Shoddy Mill) built by Bennett & William Rosamond c.1862

Ellie Evans, 27 Mill St.  Petersons’s Ice Cream c.1919, previously the site of Dunlop Bath House & Hall.

Jeff Banks, Madden’s Ultramar Gas Station, previously Baird & Co, Woollen Mill c.1817 then Electric Generator Plant c.1897 &. 55 Mill St. Post Office c.1967, formerly site of Penman’s Factory, then Kirkland Park c.1974.

Antoon Baas, 61 Mill St.  MacArthur Block c.1885, Almonte Gazette Offices, Odd Fellows Meeting Hall & 65 Mill St. Stedman’s, Mr Forgie’s brick building c.1873.


From Left to Right:

Jim McGrath, 73 – 75 Little Bridge St. Professional Offices c.1883.

Laurel Cook, 77 Mill St. Lanark County Tourism, Old Fuller Post Office c.1890 designed by Thomas J. Fuller. Local sandstone. Clock tower c.1910.

Laurel Cook, 79 Mill St. Timmons’ Home Hardware & 83 Mill St. Built for dentist T.W. Roscoe c.1875 & 89 Mill St., Simmon’s Motor Car (near the big clock).

David Whiteley, 95 Mill St. Rooney’s Pool Room (and barber shop). The home of Almonte’s first citizen and founding father Daniel Shipman c.1835, Almonte House Hotel c.1859

From Left to Right:

Pat Willard, 102 – 94 Mill St. includes Baker’s Jewelry, Brown and MacArthur dry good store c.1868 & The Almonte Gazette c.1867.  The 9 ft passageway was for tenants’ horses, wagons and carriages.

Gayle Marshall, 90-88 Mill St.  The third floor was once the Sons of England meeting hall & 84 Mill St.  The Superior Restaurant c.1921, Rea’s Drugs c.1890, CPR Telegraph Office.

Antoon Baas, 80 Mill St.  Timmons’ Clothing c.1910 & 78 Mill St. The Crest Studio, Gilligan & Mavis c.1870 & 76 Mill St. Barber Shop, Louis Carr butchers.

Jeff Banks, 72 Mill St. James’ Tobaccinist & 68 Mill St, Almonte Quick Print & 66 Mill St. The Hub Thrift Store & 62 Mill St. The Bank of Montreal c.1906.

From Left to Right:

Katherine Whiteley, 60 Mill St. Valley Carpet & Flooring Centre & 52 Mill St. Lemon Tree Boutique.

Ellie Evans, 48 & 42 Mill St. c.1875

Anne Roxburgh, 38 – 36 Mill St. Lee Pro Hardware (N.S. Lee) and McCormick’s Ladies Dress Shop, previously Murphy’s North American Hotel c.1850 (Wm Thoburn owned the top floor).

Nadine Sculland, 30 Mill St. Coady’s Car Care, previously John King Cole Hotel c.1863 & 28 Mill St, Public Utilities Commission Building, previously Coal Dealer & Hardware c.1875 & 26 -24 Mill St. Kerry’s Furniture

David Whiteley, IGA former brick store and office erected by George Paterson c.1893.

Ilona Monahan, 14 Mills St. Levi Home Hardware, Nanotec upstairs.  Previously Store and PO James Hamilton Wylie c.1863 then Almonte Co-operative Cold Storage Ltd to 1940s with family lockers 2’ x 3’ x 3’ deep.